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Who is Karen Joy?

Karen Joy knows without a doubt that her spiritual gifts are divinely given.

By connecting with spirit and your inner self, her readings bring through messages and information

to provide guidance in all areas of life you may be struggling with.


The services she offers can provide insight, perspective, and intuitive information

into various aspects of your life. The objective from these readings is to provide a sense of

direction, guidance and peace.


Her first experience with the spirit realm was when she was about 3 years old. Her “visitor” frightened her and as she later experienced similar events during her youth, she would block them out due to that fear and her lack of understanding. It wasn’t until her mother developed breast cancer and introduced her to

the world of holistic healing via authors such as Dr. Bernie Siegal and Louise Hay,

that she began a 30-year study into the mind, body, spirit.

Yet, life took her in many directions. A single mom climbing the corporate ladder.

A second marriage with a blended family. Owning restaurants and publications. And many paths in between.

Her formal education includes an honors degree in Psychology and almost 200 hours of graduate study in

Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology and Human Development Counseling. Add that to her initial Catholic upbringing and Christian background, she continued to impede her gifts from shining through. 

Yet over the years, she visited many psychics for a reading and every single time she was know you are a know you are a have Shamanic abilities. She would be given so much information about her spiritual gifts, which she would take note of, yet shelved their insight. Again...blocking.

Then as a result of working on a personal physical condition, Karen was introduced to a medical intuitive and discovered she had blocked her sight and hearing for many years. Upon removing her blocks, deepening her studies and personal faith, a new world began to unfold.

Her “hearing and sight” returned. As she began to read for friends and referrals,

she realized God’s purpose for her includes guiding others thru

the messages she receives via her connection with spirit.

You will find when you work with Karen Joy, her light shines through.

She cares deeply and loves helping others. Her personal mission is to help others realize

their potential to live a life of joy, peace, gratitude and abundance while being connected to spirit.





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