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"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls." - Mother Theresa


Welcome to Joyful Living Gathering!

In the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives, finding a space for tranquility, joy and spiritual growth is essential. Joyful Living Gathering is that sacred space created just for you! Our founder, Karen Joy Caprino, has dedicated over 30 years to her spiritual journey, and now she invites you to join her in exploring the path to joy, peace, and abundance.



At Joyful Living Gathering, we believe in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. Our mission is to guide you towards a life filled with peace, love, kindness, compassion and of course, joy. We teach practices such as mindfulness, meditation, intuition development, spiritual connecting, and gratitude exercises to help individuals become more aware of their thoughts and emotions and choose joy in any situation.  Karen Joy’s personal mission for years has been to help individuals of all ages tap into their spiritual gifts and live a life of gratitude, abundance and joy while staying connected to spirit. 



Group Guided Meditations

Join us for transformative Group Guided Meditations that will bring you inner peace and help you reconnect with your true self. Whether it’s your first time or you have practiced for years, these meditations will assist you to breakthrough and serve as a source of inspiration and support; helping you to discover and experience the joy that exists within you and in the world around you. 



Experience the wisdom and teachings of our founder in exclusive workshops designed to empower and enlighten, such as developing your intuition, creating a gratitude practice, living a healthy lifestyle and more. Explore a variety of workshops and practices led by local and non-local teachers, trainers, and spiritual mentors.

Energy Clearings

In a private session, through an intuitive process, Karen Joy will help you identify, remove and release what's holding you back and allow all your senses and chakras to open in order to receive positive and balanced energy flow.


By connecting with spirit and your inner self, Karen Joy's readings bring through messages and information to provide a sense of direction, guidance and peace in all areas of life you may be struggling with. You will find her heart and light come shining through.


We are proud to share our space with Nurture – Mind, Body, Spirit who is also focused on helping you with your spiritual journey by providing amazing resources.



Joyful Living Gathering aspires to be more than just a spiritual gathering place; it’s a community where you can learn new techniques, connect with like-minded individuals, attune to the divine and experience personal growth on all levels.


Karen Joy has known about her spiritual gifts her entire life, despite not always acknowledging them. After years of seeking guidance and receiving subtle nudges from God, she decided to finally listen and take a leap of faith. From the moment she made the decision to the doors opening for her first workshop, only 8 weeks passed. Joy and Faith require action, and Karen is here to guide you on your own transformative journey.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Join us at Joyful Living Gathering and be part of creating a ripple effect of joy and positivity in our world. Let’s build a community where everyone can live their potential and lead a life filled with joy, peace, gratitude, and abundance.


Take the Leap with us and discover the boundless joy that awaits!

Meditation Group


Debbie, Safety Harbor, FL

Karen, your meditation event last night was life-changing. I felt Healed, cleansed, and comforted by your words and methods.  I hope I have the opportunity to experience this with you on a regular basis. Anyone would benefit by regular meditation opportunities with you. You are a gift from God.

Wendy, Dunedin, FL

Thank you Karen for an amazing evening of meditation and enlightenment! You are truly a gift.

Joanne, Palm Harbor, FL

Thank you, Karen, for sharing your gifts and light! It was a wonderful, inspiring evening! 

Rock in Sand

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